Car Sharing Software

Car sharing? So can your fleet

CaranoCloud enables you to utilize Corportate Car Sharing for your corportate mobility. Whether it is for the whole fleet or part of it as Mobility Mix: Our car pool functions enhance the efficiency of your fleet and provides a convincing alternative to the traditional company car. We make it easy for you to set up pick up points. Strong features support your process, e.g an automated vehicle assignment.

CaranoCloud takes care of the most important tasks.


Car Pool Vehicles easily - with the CaranoCloud sharing features

Unlimited users
Invite your staff member to use the system.

Nutzer Corporate Carsharing

Buchungsmanagement Software

Booking alternatives
Automated suggestions in case of non-availability.

Driving pause
E-mobility? With CaranoCloud you always have a charged vehicle.

Elektromobilität Fuhrparkmanagement


Easy-to-read booking calender
All bookings at a glace.

Monitoring of leasing contracts
Take advantage of an intelligent vehicle selection and avoid exceeding milage excess.

Leasing Monitoring


Pick up points and authorizations
Use your authorization structure to assigne vehicles and drivers to different pick up points.

Booking data
Enter and evaluate driving date, e.g indication of distance.


Fahrzeugdaten Flottenmanagement

Delay management
Receive automated notifications for delays and rescheduling.

Data export (coming soon)
Export booking schedules, analysis and costs.

Datenexport Fuhrpark

Fahrzeugdaten Flottenmanagement

Excel driver import
Convenient import feature using excel.


Get an insight of the features

  • CaranoCloud Funktionen Buchungsübersicht

    Booking Overview

  • CaranoCloud Funktionen Fahreransicht

    Booking mask for the driver

  • CaranoCloud Funktionen Fahrzeugpooling

    Easy vehicle pooling

  • CaranoCloud Funktionen Stationsübergreifend

    Management of different pick up points


Car Sharing Software

Car Pool Vehicles easily - with the CaranoCloud sharing features


Unlimited number of users
Invite as many employees as you like to use your system.

Booking alternatives
Automatic suggestions of other vehicles or time slots if the vehicle desired is not availability of a vehicle.

Range management
E-mobility? With us, you always have a charged vehicle.

Data export
Export booking lists, evaluations and costs.

Individual authorization structure
Design pool permission to your requirement.

Pick-up/drop-off point network
Manage an unlimited number of different locations for pick-up an drop-off.

Trip data
Gather and utilise trip data, e.g. mileage at drop-off.

Vehicle data
Keep track of vehicle data and statistics.

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