Corporate Carsharing mit Hilfe eines digitalen Schlüsselschranks führt zu einer effizienteren Poolfahrzeugverwaltung

Managing your fleet innovatively and efficiently with CaranoCloud and the digital key lock box

A modern fleet of pool vehicles is expected to provide companies with sustainable and efficient mobility. The challenges are often analog ones: providing drive-ready vehicles at the time desired, documenting technical data and issuing and returning the rented vehicle to the employee, to name but a few. All in all, considerable administrative and personnel expenses are required to ensure a smooth booking process and the sensible utilization of the fleet.

CaranoCloud’s administrative platform offers you a secure and convenient solution. Reservation, booking and overview of all relevant data done with just a few clicks on a website or app are the well-known advantages of digital fleet management. It can be made even more effective with a digital key lock box. Even the most advanced IT solution cannot (yet) hand over or take back a booked car. Moreover, personnel costs and administrative expenses are especially high at this point if vehicle keys – especially outside regular working hours – have to be personally exchanged, and mileage and any damage noted. In this key exchange melee, overview is quickly lost and gaps arise in the documentation. Due to a lack of alternatives, it is often necessary to have keys deposited somewhere, but this is no less of a hassle or error-prone. In the worst case, there is a risk of keys being lost; the security concerns associated with such a procedure are obvious. All this is subject to circumstances and challenges, not least for the vehicle-driving employee, and may even deter some from using the vehicle pool. However, active employee participation in corporate car sharing is necessary for the maximal utilization of the fleet.

The digital solution for successful corporate carsharing

A digital key lock box offers a convenient solution for the optimized and cost-sensitive distribution of pool vehicles. It successfully and lucratively replaces the manual administration of vehicles for companies and their employees. In conjunction with an IT-based solution for fleet pool management such as CaranoCloud, the keys are deposited in a compact, secure and central location where the pool vehicle is parked; pickup and drop off is possible around the clock, as the key lock box is fully automated and can be opened by the authorized driver.

The digital key lock box is intuitive and convenient, which enhances acceptance among managers and employees alike, especially in the course of introducing an automated fleet management system. Once the desired vehicle has been reserved over the website or app, users can open the key lock box with the PIN assigned to them or with the help of an RFID chip (e.g. embedded in the company ID) and remove the key corresponding to the vehicle booked. The key emits a small light signaling the user that it is the correct key – all other keys remain inaccessible, thereby guaranteeing maximum security. The booking process is automatically completed when the vehicle key is returned to the key lock box.

In addition, the lock box in conjunction with CaranoCloud supports the management in administrating the pool vehicles – thus another step towards higher efficiency: if a vehicle is on the road, it is blocked in the system and cannot be reserved by any other user. Double bookings and the associated hassle and expense are thereby avoided. For employees, this means transparency and flexibility. If a vehicle is delayed, the software searches for and books a replacement vehicle. Once again, maximum utilization rate coupled with positive user experience are the top priorities.

Simple data management and reporting in CaranoCloud

The synergy between CaranoCloud and the digital key lock box can be further optimized by taking into account employees’ data protection and personal rights. The use of telematics allows vehicle data to be readout. In addition to the distance travelled and the mileage – vital parameters for maintenance, leasing and insurance purposes – the software can also be used to display gas tank status or in the case of electric cars, charge status. This is an important criterion especially for electric cars: vehicles with a low charge can be offered up for short trips while blocked for longer journeys. In the event of an accident, the driver can report the damage via an app, which will in turn notify the fleet manager.

The digital key lock box in conjunction with CaranoCloud offers an optimal addition to your web-based pool management. The result is a central tool for both management and employees that is characterized, for both sides, by efficiency, user-friendliness and transparency. For employees, the uncomplicated handling lowers the inhibition threshold to make use of corporate car sharing, which, in turn, has a direct and positive monetary effect on the utilization rate and ultimately your company’s bottom-line. Security, complete documentation and constant availability without raised personnel costs, while making maximum use of resources: This is what modern and efficient fleet management looks like.