Corporate car sharing software in the cloud

Car sharing? So can your fleet

Our carshare features increase the efficiency of your fleet and represent a further alternative to your corporate mobility. We make it easy for your employees to share vehicles. With just a few clicks, our powerful features are ready to support your carshare processes.

Set up. Book. Drive. – it doesn’t get easier than this

Always available booking platform

Your employees can book vehicles from anywhere: whether from home or on the road.

Automated vehicle allocation

CaranoCloud automatically locates the most suitable vehicle, eg by taking into account leasing mileage limit.

Pickup/drop-off points & authorization structure

You define who gets to book which vehicles.


Manage pool vehicles expertly

Clearly laid-out booking calendar

Important dates and bookings always at a glance.

Evaluations & statistics

Every outlier is quickly identified.

Automatic rebooking in case of delay

A vehicle delayed? CaranoCloud automatically locates a suitable replacement.

Range management

Fear dead batteries no more: fully-charged electric vehicles automatically selected for the next booking.

New: app for easier booking

Booking on the road

You can book vehicles conveniently from anywhere.

Mobile booking overview incl. reminder

A simple booking overview of all trips (incl. history and archiving). Drivers are automatically reminded of upcoming trips.

Start and end trips

Trips can be started and finished on the road.


Enhance utilization and profitability of your carshare vehicles

Carshare vehicles are a flexible alternative to corporate mobility. Precise monitoring is a prerequisite for efficient carshare. CaranoCloud helps you to optimize and monitor your leasing mileage. For instance, mileage limit is taken into consideration when bookings are made. Moreover, experience has shown that automated reservation scheduling means four vehicles can do the work of five.

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