Goodbye Excel – hello CaranoCloud fleet management

Cumbersome list keeping is a thing of the past: CaranoCloud helps you design your fleet management – with minimal effort. Our dashboard offers quick access to comprehensive information about vehicles, monitoring features, and dates and appointments. A real added value for you in terms of transparency and cost efficiency, while your fleet is optimized and weak points uncovered.


More overview – your digital vehicle file

Clearly laid-out digital vehicle file

Important information, such as costs, damage-claim recording and vehicle history, displayed on a clearly designed dashboard.

Documents saved digitally

Overview of documents without the need for long searches.

Documentation after archiving

Access to documentation after return/sale of vehicles.

Less hassle – automated appointment scheduling

Date entry and completion

Statutory obligations are met, no more missed deadlines.

CaranoCloud reminders

Automatic notification of appointments to fleet managers and drivers.

Notification of missed deadlines

Ensuring deadlines are met no longer requires constant monitoring.


Leasing mileage limit – no more surprises

Simple contract entry

All contract types and charges are at your fingertip.

Prognosis of mileage use at the end of lease term

Keep an eye on all mileage use until lease termination.

Alarm notification when mileage limits are exceeded

Timely notification for a review of the contract.

Digital fleet management – all your data in one place

With CaranoCloud and its various add-on modules, you will find the right package for your needs. A clearly laid-out digital vehicle file keeps all vehicle data stored in one place and documents are saved digitally. Notification of missed deadlines helps you stay compliant and does not require constant monitoring. Historization of vehicle life cycle means vehicle development may be tracked at all times.

What is fleet management? And what is the job of a fleet manager?

The goal of fleet management is to ensure employee mobility – at lowest possible costs. But a vehicle fleet and its inherent responsibility consist not only of figures, it involves a wide range of activities: among which are strategic decision-making – such as fleet alignment, monitoring of vehicles and deadlines, as well as legal aspects like respondeat superior liability. In our blog post you will learn how to organize your fleet in order to maximize cost control and how to fulfil your statutory obligations as a fleet owner with ease.

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