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After the CaranoCloud trial period has expired, you will be given the opportunity to continue usage. You will then be sent an invoice.
The basic module is CaranoCloud Fleet Management. Corporate Carsharing, the Booking App as well as UVV Driver Instruction can be added on, as needed. For example, you can initially choose the basic module and UVV Driver Instruction, and, subsequently, add Corporate Carsharing.

CaranoCloud requires no download of any additional software. CaranoCloud runs on all current browsers such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer. Certain features may not be displayed or may not function properly in older browser versions. Internet Explorer 10 and older version are not supported.

All data in CaranoCloud, including your account information, are encrypted and stored in Frankfurt/Main, AWS’ European branch. All data is protected under the German Data Protection Law (DSGVO). AWS is compliant with German IT law and certified by the safety monitoring agency TÜV Austria Group (see attachment). Click here for further information:

These and additional questions may be found in our Help Center.