Handle respondeat-superior liability obligations effortlessly

Driver instruction in accordance to the UVV (accident insurance regulation) is a mandatory obligation for employers (Provision 70 of the German Social Accident Insurance). Companies that assign vehicles to employees are required annually to provide instruction on their safe handling.

Sounds like a lot of work? It doesn’t have to be. CaranoCloud’s digital learning platform offers an easy and simple way to get this taken care of. An intuitive user surface, clearly divided sections, concluding with a final test, offer an efficient learning experience and ensure legally compliant documentation

 Digital driver instruction – user friendly digital learning platform with automated processes

1. Driver import and automated invitation

Enter drivers  manually or via import. Appointments are then automatically generated and drivers are invited by email to the course.

2. How it works

In five sections, drivers are instructed on every aspect of how to handle company vehicles and dangerous situations safely, followed by a final test.

3. Documentation

After successful completion, a read-only file is stored in the system. The driver will receive a certificate.

4. Assessment and reminder

The fleet manager is provided an overview of the appointments and status of the tests. In the case of missed appointments, reminders are emailed to drivers and fleet manager.

Three reasons to instruct your employees via CaranoCloud eLearning


No driver registration

Simply click on the link to get started. Unlike other courses, no registration is necessary. No password needed.


Do it on a laptop, desktop or tablet

Drivers can use the platform at the desk or on the go.


Customizable content

The content can be tailored to reflect your corporate identity. Contact us to get a detailed offer.


Secure content and documentation

The content is updated regularly to comply with legal requirements. Once archived in the system, test results cannot be altered.


Time and cost efficiency


Reduce paperwork – make complicated excel sheets a thing of the past. With CaranoCloud you can coordinate everything with ease.


Less paperwork

One tool instead of many different documents. Say goodbye to complicated and cumbersome and hello to software that actually helps you with everything related to driver instruction.

Respondeat-superior liability and accident prevention regulations
for company cars (DGUV 70) – fleet obligations

What does respondeat superior liability mean specifically for your fleet?
What requirements need to be fulfilled and what role does the accident insurance regulation play?
Take a look at our blog post for answers.


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