Handle respondeat-superior liability obligations effortlessly

UVV (accident prevention regulations) driver instructions is a legal obligation required of all employers. Companies that provide their staff with vehicles are required annually to instruct or review the safe use of vehicles. This instruction is part of the owner’s liability as laid out in Regulation 70 of the DGUV (German Social Accident Insurance).

Sounds like lots of effort and paperwork? Not necessarily – these obligations may now by easily met by having your employees get instructed on the CaranoCloud digital-learning portal. Our new tool offers digital-learning and review, concluded by a test and archived documentation.

Three reasons to instruct your employees via CaranoCloud eLearning


No driver registration. No passwords.

Simply invite drivers via a link to the driver instruction. They are then forwarded directly to the test without need for registration or password creation. This saves time and hassle.


Runs on PC or mobile

The digital learning tool works on both computers and tablets.  It runs on all common browsers. Driver instruction is easily implemented, even on the road.


Customizable learning content

Want to customize the contents in the driver instruction or design the interface to your specifications? No problem: We’ll tailor the tool in line with your corporate identity and guidelines.

Digital driver instruction – user-friendly online-learning portal and automated processes in a few simple steps

  • Appointment management: schedule drivers via the platform for UVV driver instruction.
  • Instruct drivers through online learning: the correct handling of company vehicles taught in several chapters.
  • After successful completion, a read-only file is archived into the system.
  • Fleet Manager View provides an overview of status and evaluation of employees who have taken UVV driver training.




4 Advantages of electronic accident prevention


Safe: once archived, test results cannot be revised. This means you have at your disposal read-only documentation of the tests along with guaranteed data security.


Efficient: lots of tools which are supposed to provide support end of being complicated and cumbersome. Our digital-learning tool is easy to use, intuitive and sets up in a few minutes. Rather than hindering you, it gives you software that actually helps you with everything related to driver instruction.


Simple: always running after employees to remind them of driver instruction? Organize everything digitally with a few clicks and save yourself time and hassle.


Convenient: paperwork? Diverse templates and models? Outdated PDF files? With CaranoCloud, you control everything conveniently via the platform and always stay up to date with driver instruction.

Respondeat-superior liability and accident prevention regulations for company cars (DGUV 70) – fleet obligations

What does respondeat-superior liability mean to you? The non-compliance of the DGUV Regulation 70 for accident prevention can be very costly for any company as a result of fines or when it translates to refusal to perform by the employers’ liability insurance company. The obligations for the vehicle owner stipulated by DGUV Regulation 70 apply to all company cars, trucks and pool vehicles. Vehicles must be inspected annually for their operational safety.

Drivers, driver’s licenses and owners moreover are subject to occupational safety inspection. Drivers must be instructed regularly (once a year) on the proper handling of vehicles and related dangers. Read more about this in our blog post.

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